Osnat – Interview with an Artist

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Who are you?

I am Osnat. I am happily married and have two great, joyful & active children (a boy and a girl) as well as one noisy but beautiful cat.

osnat Your shop is?

Omiya (a combination of my children names)

What is your Etsy Shop about?

My Shop sells hand-made Jewelry in gold, silver and gemstones.

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Why did you decide to start Omiya?

I was selling my jewelry through art galleries for the last two decades, my husband kept telling me that there is a new on-line world  out there, but I couldn’t believe people will buy my work without touching and feeling them on them – I was also frightened of this thing called a computer.

Finally I decided to give it a try and was glad my preconceptions have all been proved wrong.

How do you make your products – What is your work process?

I dream up my designs – while asleep but sometimes when I am awake too 🙂

They come to me when I watch commercials on TV, when I prepare sandwiches for my children, and in other unexpected times.

Our home is full with small sheets of paper of illegible drawings to anyone but me.

Then I go in my studio and start working gemstones and metal combine together into surprising results.

6-2-13 051


What inspires you?

Ethnic, Primitive, Ancient jewelry and art. Whenever we travel abroad I spend a lot of time in libraries, museums and bookshops looking for jewelry books. Since I discovered the on-line world I also spend a few hours a week browsing around to get inspiration.

At the end of the day ideas just pop out of my head.

silver 008

Favorite Artist and why?

I don’t admire I just love naive, primitive art, I love the work of artists who create with affinity, primitive, naïve and even childish art such as Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet……

What do you love?

I love my family and quiet weekends unfortunately these two are conflicting situations!

While you are creating, you love to listen to?

Mainly radio talk shows and sometime popular Israeli music.

A funny fact about you is?

When I took pictures for this interview of my studio and myself I found out several funny facts about Me, none of which I would like to share! J.

Where do you live?

I live in Israel in a small city called Ness-Ziona which is next to Tel-Aviv (Israel’s largest city and the center of recreation and night life). My city is celebrating its 130 anniversary this year. We are located 6 miles from the sea and we spend a lot of time on beach.

You could live on this food for the rest of your life:

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate…

Favorite book you’ve read recently.

I read a lot of books. Some of the ones I liked more are: “Beloved” by Toni Morison, “La Storia” by Elsa Morante, “The days lasts more than hundred years” by Tshinguiz Aitmatov. Since I don’t like people telling me spoilers on books I haven’t read, I will not tell you anything about the content of these books, yet I warmly recommend reading them.

Favorite Film you’ve seen recently.

One of the films I love is “spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring” by Kim Ky-Duk

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