Etsy Art Circle

Art Circle is a team of multi talented creators in the Etsy Community.

We are a medley of Jewelers, Painters, Graphic Designers, Knitters, Suppliers and Antiques Dealers. Our extremely talented members are a close-knit community that promotes art and craft creation. In our shops you will find a multitude of objects that will satisfy your senses.

We created our Blog from a need to communicate and share our love of creation and interests with a wider community.

In an effort to learn and exchange knowledge and ideas we will be presenting a series of interviews of our members in their studios. The interviews will delve into their world.

Along with the interviews we will be presenting galleries full of amazing items from our shops such as the one featured  above. This gallery is linked with the real treasury in Etsyland, by clicking on it you will be  able to  visit our shops and our creations.

We will also present you with a variety of subjects that interest our members, through a re – blogging of articles, DIY’s and Fun Facts.

We hope you’ll enjoy.

The Art Circle Team

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31 thoughts on “Etsy Art Circle

  1. The Art Circle team is comprised of many talented artists from around the globe!!! I’m honored to be a part of the team and to glean from their experience and wonderful creations!

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